My first entry, yay!!

This is my first blog entry ever so I’ll start by telling you about my reasons for creating this page. I always loved stories, I liked how they could impact your life in ways you could only imagine. In high school I was drawn to film due to its ability to touch its audience much like the stories found between the covers of a book. In my Junior year I created a faux production company logo for all my high school film projects. Black Horse Film was born. For the next two and a half years I used this logo for all of my projects and the projects I edited for my fellow classmates. I even created an animated short for the logo.


Before taking this logo to college I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be infringing on anyone’s copyrighted logo or I might run into a huge lawsuit! So I did my research and was prepared to use a different clip art horse, one I created on my own and didn’t adopt from Word’s Clipart. I was also ready to compose my own music seeing as the music I had been using was from the beginning credits of "Lawrence of Arabia." What I wasn’t expecting was the fact that someone else had a strikingly similar logo as mine: Black Horse Films. So I scrambled to change the name, finally settling on Black Horse Film Productions. I was still a little edgy about the name but it would work for another couple months until I could come up with something else. It wasn’t until this year, mid-May that an idea struck me. I instantly grabbed the closest thing to me, it happened to be a napkin, and I started storyboarding my new production logo. On May 20th, 2010, Fire Pony Productions was born.

Now in an attempt to make it my own logo for any of my future productions in and out of college I have started to create a couple pages on the Internet, so far all I have is an MSN Live account and I will be working on a YouTube account later this week. Over the next several months I hope to create an original animation for my logo and I will keep you up to date on Fire Pony’s growth! I hope to have a finished animation complete with a music track of my own composition by this time next year. Before Fire Pony’s first birthday it will have a completed logo and at least one short film or part of a short under production.

So here’s to Fire Pony, may you live longer than Black Horse!


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